The Banjo Boys


We are producing an independent film about an African dance folk duo with homemade instruments that are conquering the world with their music and infectious happiness. Financed and governed on the blockchain.

Let’s make a movie together!

This movie is a grassroots initiative bootstrapped with the help of many individuals that have been captivated by the story as well as sharing a passion for film, media and technology. We work as a DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization)  to achieve a higher degree of transparency and provide more opportunities for member participation through work and work.

We are delighted by any kind of contribution in fiat (USD, Euro, etc) as well as crypto (BTC, ETH, near, etc) and we have provided contributors with several levels of recognition and reward they can opt in to.

All contributors Mention on website
> $100 U$ DAO token with voting rights
> $500 U$ Contributor NFT
> $1.000 U$ Movie closing credits
> $10.000 U$ Limited edition personalized NFT (max 10)
> $50.000 U$ Movie title credits (e.g: executive producer)

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Meet the Collaborators

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Neil Nayar

Band Manager and Musician

Johan Nayar

Johan Nayar

Director and Film Maker


David Zanoni

Advisor and Right Management

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Tim Delhaes

Producer and Entrepreneur


Isaac Mafuel

Writer & Translator

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Eduardo araya

Collaborator and Film Wiz

face-pic (4)

Yuri Dekovic

Collaborator and Designer

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Alberto Contreras

Collaborator and Art Director

Listen to the band

The Journey home after the Euro Tour (Part 1)

The last few weeks of the tour were surely like the last few miles of a marathon. By the end we had played 53 concerts in 10 weeks and on the last day we actually had an afternoon and an evening concert. 

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Madalitso Team: Neil Nayar, The Accidental Manager

It was 2015 and I’d been running an acoustic music night in Lilongwe after arriving in the city from London two years earlier on a one way ticket, with my guitar, but no money. 

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USA 2022 Tour Cancelled

It was when we performed at HIFA in Zimbabwe back in 2018 that the idea to do a tour of the USA first came to us.

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